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Tissue and Cell Culture

Nikon-TC-scope-picThe TS100 inverted microscope & SPOT RT3 Camera. The microscope utilizes a high-intensity LED eco-illumination system reducing eyestrain for users and eliminates color temperature changes that occur with halogen light sources. The SPOT RT3 microscope camera is easy to use, able to capture both color or monochrome images, and excellent for both brightfield and fluorescence imaging.

Countess® II FL Automated Cell CounterThe new Countess® II FL Automated Cell Counter is a benchtop cell assay platform equipped with state-of-the-art optics and image analysis software for rapid assessment of cells in suspension. Now with fluorescence capabilities—bright-field and two optional fluorescence channels—researchers can count cells, monitor fluorescent protein expression, and measure cell viability.

PathScan Enabler IVThe PathScan Enabler IV created the market for personal digital slide scanning. With an innovative and intuitive design, the PathScan Enabler IV   allows scanning of whole mounted histological samples attached to standard 1 X 3 inch cover slipper glass slides. The PathScan Enabler IV solves low power, large field of view, high resolution imaging problems. Scan area is 1.423 X 0.85 inches, resulting in stunning, incredible images up to 10,248 x 6120 pixels! The PathScan Enabler IV holds two (2) 1 X 3 inch glass slides and includes simple use one touch QuickScan software, as well as SilverFast Ai Software for advanced users. Image files are saved in TIFF or JPEG formats. JPEG, GIF, etc. 


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