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Confocal Imaging

 Confocal Banner Image Jan2013

BRC Zeiss LSM Meta 510
The Biomolecular Research Center’s Zeiss Microscope, LSM 510 Meta confocal imaging system is located in room 213 of the Mathematics building on the campus of Boise State University.  The Axiovert Observer Z1 inverted microscope has filter sets appropriate for DAPI, FITC and CY3/TRITC to view samples in a conventional widefield microscopy mode as well as the objective lens: 10x, 20x, 40x, 63x and 100x.  The LSM Meta 510 is configured with six excitation lasers lines (405, 458, 488, 514, 543 and 633 nm), two photomultipliers, a detector for bright field image acquisition and a polychromatic META detector capable of detecting many standard fluorophores, including DAPI, FITC, CFP, YFP, Rhodamine, TRITC, Cy3, Cy5, Texas Red  and many AlexaFluor dyes.  Excitation dichroics and emission filters are operated via the LSM software. Added accessories include a heated stage chamber and objective warmer from PECON for live cell experiments and an AxioCam MRm monochrome digital camera.

Use and Management
The purpose of this instrument is to support research at Boise State University and surrounding research facilities.  The instrument is managed by Raquel Brown. Users with substantial needs for the confocal microscope will be trained so they can use the system unassisted.  New users will have a 3-4 hour introduction that covers start-up, computer software introduction for basic confocal system operation, basic image manipulation, data storage, and clean-up/shut-down procedures. In a follow-up session, the potential user will demonstrate that he/she can safely and competently operate the instrument. With this, the user will have allowable unsupervised access to the instrument at the confocal system hourly rate. There will be a discounted hourly rate available for long-term experiments that utilize the scope after hours.
Users, who have simple or solitary studies and who do not want to be formally trained can elect to have the system operated by Raquel while providing investigator feedback for the price of confocal hourly rate plus a consulting fee.

For rate information please see Imaging  BRC Recharge Rates found here

BRC LabImaging software running on a monitor

Contact Information
Raquel Brown
BRC Manager/Confocal Microscope System
(208) 426-2125

Publications and presentations utilizing data from samples imaged with the  Zeiss LSM Meta 510 confocal microscope should include the following acknowledgement:  “This research  was made possible by the INBRE Program, National Institutes of Health Grant NOs: P20 RR016454 (National Center for Research Resources) and P20 GM103408 (National Institute of General Medical Sciences) and the National Science Foundation Grant NO: 0619793. “