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Molecular Biology

Thermo Hybridization Oven
The Thermoscientific Hybridization Oven has a 10-bottle capacity rotisserie with an accurate and uniform temperature control and uniformity. Temperature Range from 8 to 85 °C, temperature uniformity within bottle is ±0.25 °C and rotisserie speed from 5 to 15 rpm.

ThermoMix500The ThermoMix 500 is a digitally controlled Peltier heater and cooler (6C – 105 C) orbital mixer (300-1500 rpm) for cell killing assays, RNA transcription, immunoprecipitation, enzyme kinetics, ligations, and more. Five interchangeable sample blocks are available for plates and different size tubes.

Nanodrop ND-1000The Nanodrop ND-1000 is sample retention system designed to measure small volume samples of nucleic acids and proteins without the use of cuvettes or capillaries. Absorbance is captured and measured in a sample column made between two optical pedestals, displayed on an easy to read software interface, collected in an exportable spreadsheet and stored within the computer’s hard-drive. Measures DNA, RNA (A260) and Protein (A280) concentrations and sample purity (260/280 ratio); Large concentration range (2 ng/µL – 15,000 ng/µL dsDNA) without dilutions. Nanodrop software is pre-configured methods for common applications such as Nucleic Acid, Protein A280, Microarray, Proteins & Labels, Bradford, BCA, Lowry and Pierce 660nm.

ABI7300The ABI 7300 Real Time PCR System combines thermal cycling, fluorescence detection and application specific software to measure the cycle-by-cycle accumulation of PCR products in a single-tube reaction. The ABI utilizes a 96 well format supporting a volume range of 20-100 µl. Four-color detection provides the flexibility to perform a variety of applications which include gene expression analysis, pathogen quantification and SNP genotyping. Software includes plate setup wizard, advanced data viewing, sorting and graphing capabilities with quantitative results that are available immediately upon completion of PCR.

SmartCycler Real Time PCrThe Smart Cycler Real Time PCR machine from Cepheid utilizes the I-CORE module of microfluidic and microelectronic design. Each Smart Cycler processing block contains 16 independently programmable I-CORE modules, each of which performs four-color, real-time fluorometric detection.  A variety of simplex or multiplex fluorescent tags can ne used in conjunction with this system including FAM, TET< ALEXA 532m ALEXA 748, TAM, ROX, SYBE Green, Cy3, Texas Red and others.

Veriti Thermal CyclerThe Veriti Thermal Cycler from Applied Biosystems has six independent temperature blocks which adds increased flexibility and precision ideal for PCR optimization and the comprehensive gene amplification. The Veriti has an easy touch screen user interface. The GeneAmp 2720Thermal Cycler, also from Applied Biosystems, is designed for a full range of PCR and cycle sequencing applications. Both the Veriti and the GeneAmp 2720 thermal cycler units are equipped with a 96-well format compatible with standard 0.2ml PCR tubes and 96 well reaction plates.

FLUXION BIOSCIENCES BIOFLUX CONTROLLER The BioFlux System gives you the ability to introduce flow to your research and drug discovery experiments effectively emulating in vivo conditions and getting closer to understanding what’s happening under more physiological conditions. Offering the physiological relevance of laminar flow chambers with the throughput and convenience of standard well plates, BioFlux systems have many features and benefits including:
• High Speed: With automated experimental control, multiplexing up to 96 simultaneous experiments, and sophisticated data analysis software simplifying and accelerating complex functional assays, large projects can be effectively reduced from months to days.
• High Quality: Glass bottom plates with superior image quality from microscopes and high content imagers provide unparalleled image quality.
• Simple to Use: Well plate microfluidic design improves reliability and reproducibility while enabling precise control of critical parameters.
• Modular Design: A BioFlux system can be added to any existing inverted microscope setup instantly expanding its capabilities.

2100 Electrophoresis Bioanalyzer The Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer system provides sizing, quantitation and quality control of DNA, RNA, proteins and cells on a single platform, providing high quality digital data.

• Two assay principles – electrophoresis and flow cytometry
• Ready-to-use assays and pre-packaged reagent kits
• Minimal sample consumption (1-4 µL)
• Easy to use – load the chip, press “start“, the instrument does the rest!
• Digital data for convenient analysis, archiving and storage
• Contamination-free switch of methods