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BRC Recharge Rates

Fiscal Year 17 (August 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017)


DescriptionService ProvidedBSU UserNon-ProfitCommercial
Tryptic protein digestion
Sample Preparation
LC-MS shotgun Proteomics analysis
Mass Spec Analysis
MS Analysis by direct infusionMass Spec Analysis
LC_MS analysis of metabolites or intact proteinsMass Spec Analysis$57.45/sample


DescriptionService ProvidedBSU UserNon-ProfitCommercial
Zeiss LSM 510 Meta Confocal
Microscope - Operation Rate
Instrument Usage and Training$33.78/hour
Skyscan 1172 Scanner MicroCT- Operation RateInstrument Usage and Training$55.44/hour$77.89/hour$150.00/hour


DescriptionService ProvidedBSU UserNon-ProfitCommercial
Tissue Embedding System Leica TP1020/Leica EG1150H
Paraffin Embedding of Tissues$2.06/sample$2.89/sample$50.00/sample
Paraffin Sectioning Leica RM 2235Thin Sectioning of Paraffin Embedded Tissues$2.59/block
Frozen Tissue Sectioning Leica CM1950
Thin Sectioning of Frozen Tissues$41.07/hour$57.70/hour$75.00 / hour
Thick Tissue Sectioning Leica VT1000
Thick Sectioning of Fresh & Fixed Tissues$1.08/hour$1.52/hour$50.00 / hour
Autostaining System Leica Autostainer XL

Histological Staining (H&E)$0.88/slide$1.24/slide$32.00 / slide


DescriptionService ProvidedBSU UserNon-ProfitCommercial
Jasco J-810 CD SpectropolarimeterInstrument Usage and Training$21.89/hour$30.76/hour$40.00/hour
Beckman ProteomeLab XL-1 AUCIn-solution Characterization$154.69/run$217.33/run$300.00/run
Plasmid Propagation from Cell StockSample Preparation $11.66/sample$16.38/sample$50.00/sample
Plasmid Propagation from Plasmid Stock Sample Preparation$33.26/sample$46.73/sample$75.00/sample
Soluble Protein Expression TestSample Preparation$106.17/sample$149.14/sample$200.00/sample


Description Service Provided BSU UserNon-ProfitCommercial
Tissue Culture Suite* incubators, hood, centrifuge, microscope

Use of Tissue Culture Suite$2.30/hour$3.23/hour$20.00/hour
Tissue Culture Subscription FeeSubscription Fee-common supplies for cell culture$32.06/month$45.05/month$100.00/month
Roche LC96 Light Cycler -QPCR
Instrument Use
Synergy Biotek Microplate Reader
Instrument Use
$ 40.00/plate

*Current as of May 2017: Cost Schedules for all equipment will be reviewed regularly and rates adjusted.

The BRC has three Service Fee Groups:
BSU-Boise State University users (faculty, staff student)
Non-Profit- Other Academic or Federally funded users
Commercial– Commercial for – profit entity users