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The Mountain West CTR-IN wants to help you achieve success as an independent investigator in clinical and translational research. As you are probably keenly aware, publications are an essential element along that path.
We are here to help you polish manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed scientific journals, abstracts for national scientific meetings, and ultimately, research plan text for a successful NIH grant application. 
The CTR-IN has an Editor on our staff who can help you … 
Composing a well-polished, professional scientific publication takes time, effort, and a fresh set of eyes! Following stylistic guidelines specific to each discipline, the CTR-IN Editor will review your draft proposal, scientific publication, or meeting abstract and assist you in polishing it. 
Editing services include formatting, spelling and punctuation, rewriting sentences or reorganizing paragraphs to improve clarity and impact, eliminating jargon, and generally smoothing the language. 
Meet the Editor, 
Cynthia De La Torre
A UNLV alumna who earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism, Cynthia has experience in technical writing, news writing and editing.
Ms. De La Torre has experience working in a variety of writing styles and can assist you in addressing requirements commonly encountered in scientific writing, e.g., the AMA Manual of Style or the Chicago Manual of Style.
Ms. De La Torre is also familiar with formatting and style considerations for research plan text in NIH grant applications.
For more information, please contact her at: or 702.895.1183
Please remember that we don’t have any magical influence over the calendar, and that some deadlines are shared by many people, so please contact us with your request as early as possible so that we can put you in the queue. We do reserve the right to say no if we believe that we cannot do a good job for you.

Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research

July 30 – 31, 2014

The Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research (ICUR), the first of its kind in the state of Idaho, is a celebration showcasing the leading edge in all disciplines. A multifaceted, multicultural event every summer, the ICUR makes research accessible, interactive and fun! Undergraduate students of diverse backgrounds and disciplines gather to present the results of their original work in poster presentations to faculty, the public and their peers from across the country. This high intensity two-day event also focuses on integrating educators to promote student learning in K-12 and higher education.




All students from across the state of Idaho involved in research are invited to submit an abstract and those not yet involved in research are invited to come and discover that attending the conference is a great way to learn about the broad range of research opportunities. The conference also provides a forum for students, educators and the community to discuss cutting edge research topics and to examine the connection between research and education. The conference includes poster presentations by students from all academic disciplines, workshops for educators and students and invited guests.

What to Expect from this Meeting

  • A comprehensive and rich program geared towards educators of all levels of expertise and students of all ages;
  • Featured lectures that will include the ICUR Lecture by Michal Temkin Martinez, Boise State University; the Public Lectures by Wendy B. Lawrence, former NASA Astronaut and J.R. Tietsort, Director of IT Governance at Micron Technology, Inc.
  • Workshops for High School Educators including the ICUR Interdisciplinary, RET Experience and Mentoring, the ICUR Computational, and the ICUR Life Sciences workshops.
  • Activities for students including the Graduate School Panel for undergraduate students and the Research Methods workshop for high school students;
  • Poster session for undergraduate students;
  • Various Networking Opportunities

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